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Feb. 23rd, 2007

British Tease


So annoying having so many bloody lj accounts and communities!
Right, firstly.

Going back to using sodamnangelic as my main community, and within time it will be the only community I use, apart from other peoples of course!
So join there. I'll soon add some pics and vids and fun stuff! ;)

Secondly. If you're a member of www.angelicktease.com cancel your membership, don't recur, and if you're not a member, DON'T JOIN!
Yes I've been fucked over AGAIN. The webmaster has fucked off with all my money... nice!

Will probably quit the idea of having a pay site, it's gone wrong too many times! :(

In other news, I'm only 10 or so votes of 10 away from winning the adultwork competetion, yayyyy! :)

Hope to see you all at sodamnangelic soon! ;)

Jan. 22nd, 2007

British Tease

News news NEWS. :P

Met up with a friend recently for some girl on girl stuff... I can now officially say I'm bi sexual... instead of bi curious. ;P It was a lot of fun, and I can't wait to do it again sometime! :)

And how soon will that sometime be? With Osharna I don't know when... BUT.


I can't wait!! That'll be my 3rd girl in 2007, LOL. I'm sure it wont be my last either. ;)
Going to hers for the weekend, for camming, live shows, pictures and videos.

Unfortuantly me and Osharna only did pictures, we didn't get round to videos. :(
So will be good to get some filthy girl on girl videos. ;)

It's my 21st birthday on 19th Feb, so I wont be there for long, just two days I think.
Wanting to get a super nice hotel for my birthday, for me and my boyfriend, but I'm broke. :( So will most likely do fuck all for my birthday, like I usually do. No special 21st birthday for me eh!

Jan. 5th, 2007

British Tease

New outfit!

I love when people buy me things, even though I don't think I'm worth it at all! That's probably why it doesn't happen often, only once a month or so, by my lovely ex! :)

Anyway, this outfit was £65 and I've wanted it for ageeeeeeees! And it's finally mine, yay! :D It's a Madame General outfit, I bought a bondage kit with whip too. ;)

Going to add an update to my site later, with all the pictures of me wearing it. :]

For now, have the video:

Neeed sleep for now! Nightio :)

Jan. 2nd, 2007

British Tease

Yay updating my site is fun, haha!

Right now I'm waiting for 150 high res pictures to upload!
You may remember a while ago, I posted a link to just filth, where I was posting two pictures a day.
Well, I'm putting ALL the pictures on my website. When I took the pics for justfilth, I'd take about 10 pictures each time, but only post the 2 best ones.
So I'm adding all the not posted ones, as well as the posted ones, on my site. ;)

Taking ages though as they're high res pictures, eeek!

I'm working on adding high res pictures to my site now. Added 39 baby oil pictures a minute ago, will add a few previews to my community in a bit. ;)
Then I'll be adding more digital camera pictures. :)

Soon I'll have 10,000 pictures, eee. :D
Then I can get started on the videos. :) I've forgotten about them for a bit while I've been working on reaching my picture goals! Also, I have so many pictures on my computer, and have just wanted to get them somewhere for ages!
Glad I'm finally there now!
British Tease

I reached one of my goals. :D

One of my goals for the new year was to reach 8000 pictures on my website, and I reached it!! :D
http://www.angelicktease.com now has 8647 pictures in total! :D Eeeeeeeeeee. :D :)

Dec. 27th, 2006

British Tease

Yay! :)

Finally did my profile on here!:

Now just got to add something to my community. *grumble*
British Tease


If anyone has an account on adultwork.co.uk, please vote my friends entry a 10 in the christmas competetion!:

We'd both really appreciate it if you do vote, as she's only 15 or so votes away from winning! :)

Dec. 26th, 2006

British Tease

Teaser of what's to come! ;)

What I'll be posting to communities on LJ later:

As well as another video... or two. ;P And a few pics. :] 

British Tease

Ignore yesterdays entry :P

If anyone saw it, ignore it. Thanks to the two people who left comments, nice to know people care, I really appreciate it. :)

Last night I was just feeling very deppressed and stressed due to money problems!

I'm going to try make the money from camming though. Although I'm on my period right now, so can't cam when I need the money the most, argghh!
But I can still tease, so I just need to make a little teasing offer and try and make as much as I can from camming this week!

I'm thinking of offering a ten minute show for 10 credits, and then including 50 free videos, haha, to make people book. Or 25 videos, hmm.

And in a month I'm moving back home, so I no longer have to pay such expensive rent! And it'll give me the chance to save some money, for next time I want to move out... which will be in a few months, I just want to save a lot first!

Dec. 16th, 2006

British Tease

Two british teases together. ;P

Just being ourselves for once.

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